Oh the places we will go



Hey everybody! We are back in the swing of things at school for my wife and work for me. Exciting stuff I know. It does make me laugh how antsy my wife gets studying in one place ALL the time! I get it though…I can’t sit still ever and it must kill her to do it 12 hours a day. We are constantly looking for new places to study for her like a coffee shop, or a park in the summer (btw this never ends with a productive study day) or you name it. Today we had a novel idea…why don’t we study at the public library? Man I haven’t been in here for years and let me tell you it is a sitcom waiting to be written. Did you know libraries barely have books in them anymore? Yeah they have these things called computers that have an infinite amount of knowledge and data on them. Seriously I am pretty sure they cleared out all the book space for computers. I am not trying to hate on libraries but if a killer is on the loose, a good place to start the search is the public library. Pretty sure I passed a typewriter on the way in. I think a library is like walking into a time machine and feeling like Marty McFly by the end. Don’t get me wrong libraries are great and serve their purpose but you really see the sign of the times when you see more magazines and PC’s than actual books at your local library. It brings a smile to my face that I am here though because there is no place I would rather be than sitting next to my wife and a homeless guy writing a blog post. Always laugh and have a great weekend!

Good luck

Looking out at the ocean

Looking out at the ocean

Wow sorry for the long hiatus. I have been enjoying a little vaca with my wife. (Much needed) Med school is back in full swing and I wanna wish all you students good luck this semester. I will be back to posting more regularly again. Just remember when things get hairy this semester just breath and think of yourself here! Until next time…peace!