Stress!Hey everybody just wanted to share an article I came across about Med Students Handling Stress. A couple parts made me chuckle. Med Students tend to “neglect their own health”. (Hahaha, how ironic) Thought this would be good to share with anyone interested. I think this goes back to my previous post about taking some time out for yourself and relieving stress. (I have a strange feeling this will be a reoccurring theme…hmmm). Anyone here ever tried Yoga?  (I know this goes against man code…but) Yoga is a kick ass workout and I promise you it will relieve stress. Any macho dudes who think this shit is easy I welcoming you to come try it. Takes a ton of strength and balance.

On another related note disconnecting from school is important. My wife and I have a bunch of shows we like to watch to take a break from the whole school and life thing and just zone out to a show. I just got my wife into Arrested Development on Netflix. (If you haven’t seen the show drop everything you are doing and go watch an episode immediately). This time to disconnect gives you that little 30 minute to hour vacation to just think about absolutely nothing. Trust me it works…and not just for med students. Now if someone can give me a technique to relieve my stress from watching the Spartans
this year, that would be great. I”ll be back soon!