How to Spot a Med Student

Med StudentHow do you spot a med student? They look just like everyone else. They smell just like everyone else. They act just like everyone else. Or do they????

1. A staple of every med student is the black circle under their eyes from lack of sleep.(Technically this isn’t always caused by fatigue so don’t feel too confident they are a med student).

2. Messy hair, sweat pants and a general lack of style or fashion sense in public.

3. Extreme interest in others bowell movements, illnesses, sicknesses, or injuries.

4. Abnormal addiction to coffee.

5. Habitually writes down a to-do list or over-schedules unnecessary or frivolous events, such as dinner or showers.

6. Borderline hypochondriac.

7. An obsession about germs and washing hands.

8. A faint smell of formaldehyde on the person in question.

9. The person in question gets wayyy to excited about buying school supplies such as highlighters, mechanical pencils, binders, etc.

10. Finally a childlike exuberance for classes or seminars that provide free food!

Bonus: Subject in question always seems to be connecting imaginary dots in the air. As if they are making some great connection.