Saturday Nights

Most college students are allergic to studying on weekends it seems. Students avoid studying on Friday and Saturday nights like the black plague. If you are a grad student and particularly a med student you have no choice. I am not sure how everyone else spends their Saturday nights, but I have a stack of books to prove that I spent my time reading (lame I know). When my wife has to study on a Saturday night (aka every Saturday night) I use it to my advantage. I don’t spend my time watching TV or twiddling my thumbs. I like to use that time to improve myself as well. Join a gym, learn to love reading, take up a hobby, learn a new language, I am. Hola! I have gotten very far as you can see. Studying ALL THE  TIME is a part of being a med student and you will have to get use to giving up your free time for your studies. If you are a loved one of a med student don’t feel sorry for yourself or your loved one. This is a chance to expand your mind while they are studying. When my wife found out I was taking a mostly online course this year she was ecstatic proclaiming “Now you can study with me!” Indeed I can. I strongly suggest shutting of the TV and making a list of things you would like to do to improve yourself. I have a couple suggestion below:

Back to Back

Michigan Fall

Beautiful Michigan Fall

I live in Michigan and it is great until winter comes along. Then you say “what the hell do I live here for?!” Then summer rolls around again and you say “Oh…thats right, we have like 2 billions lakes here…sweet!” I try to look on the bright side of things. As fall turns to winter I try to remember the fact that it is much easier for my wife to study when it is cold dark and dreary outside. It enhances her focus and make her less apt to want to feel like she is missing out on some childhood game of kickball in the street or something. Sooo, there is always that to look forward to.

This week I am enduring back to back test for my wife. Nothing to crazy really, what week isn’t there back to back tests? I must say I am in great spirits today though, because my wife and I managed to sleep in till 7:45 am. Pretty solid, right? When you are in the midst of crisis “I have two test, this is crazy mode” I find it best to bring the positivity to your significant other. You gotta keep em going through the week. And find a way to take breaks and maybe even switch the environment they are studying in. A coffee shop, library, outside (if you are not in Michigan), kitchen instead of living room just to switch it up. I find my wife tends to get antsy and needs new scenery every once in a while. Has anyone else found this to be true? Anyway always keep that smile on your face and be a rock for your loved ones when two tests are staring them down.

My mission

My wife and I before medical school started

My wife and I in Utah

Hey everybody this is my first voyage into the world of blogging. Pretty excited and I usually don’t shut up, so please tell me when to stop. If you go to my about page you will see that I am an MSU grad and a husband. I have been married for close to a year now and have had some unique experiences in my first year of marriage. The reason I say that is because I have had the opportunity to watch my wife make her way through the rigors of medical school. I have been there for that anatomy class and that first test. I have seen the dedication and time consuming hours it takes just to get by. I have become a dummy and a walking experiment for my wife and her med school classmates. I understand the stress and pressure that students are constantly under and I am constantly amazed by my wife’s work ethic, dedication, and passion for what she does. So here is the mission of this blog….think of it as a journal. My goal is to reach out to anyone in the medical school community that is dating, engaged, married to, or otherwise related to a medical student and understands the challenges that are loved ones face. Use it as a place to vent, to ask question or seek support or just see how your experience compare to mine as a medical student spouse.  Hope I can entertain you a bit and if you want to connect with me further hit me up on twitter @philipgolas.